Do You Need a Farm to Homestead?

You may be under the impression that you need a farm with acres of land to have a homestead and be self-sufficient. That’s not true at all! If you are just looking to provide some food for yourself and your family, then a decent sized backyard and a bit of hard work are all you need (at least that’s the hope). I say that as my wife, myself, and our two dogs start down the path of homesteading.

We’ve grown a few container plants and herbs before with some success but have never committed to deriving our food from whatever we’re able to produce. We’re hoping that this can be an outlet for both helping others and getting feedback ourselves.

Come join us on this journey for a more happy and sustainable life!


12 thoughts on “Do You Need a Farm to Homestead?

  1. I think a farmstead is today’s society is more a mind set that a real world place. Grin … Grandpa I think would better label it common sense farming, gardening and living with what you have.
    Happy Gardening

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  2. Your thoughts are right in line with mine. My little acre and a half of heaven is semi-rural right on a busy state road and a 24 hour gas station 150 yards from my front door. We’ve been doing our chickens for right at two years, looking at fencing for goats and have a garden every year. If you are willing to put forth the effort the outcome is worth every second.


  3. Start small, you’ll get hooked in no time and then be on the hunt for some land! #homesteadinglife is simple living and addictive 😉 We’re also just starting our journey on 10 acres in Queensland, Australia. Wishing you all the best on your journey!


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