Where Do You Start?

There’s this idea that a home garden is the backbone of a homestead,¬†which I can definitely understand. It’s definitely the easiest beginner project to start with on your path to self-sufficiency aside from foraging or hunting maybe. But in terms of a predictable harvest, it’s hard to beat homegrown vegetables.

The only issue is that our backyard looks like this:


Sloped and with tons of trees! So getting enough sunlight will definitely be an issue, but we plan to start out with one 4 x 12 raised bed as a trial run to see if it’s worth expandingon our current property.

Initially we had considered doing row planting in our raised bed, but with just one we can theoretically get much better yields with square foot planting. Here’s a handy guide to see how densely you can plant things:


Borrowed from Atlantis Hydroponics

More specific plans on what type of seeds we plan to use and layout to follow.


5 thoughts on “Where Do You Start?

  1. I look forward to seeing how your intensive gardening goes! In one of the places I lived, I needed to terrace the slope to create beds. All that wood you have will come in handy!


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