Tidying Up

Winter is a good time not only for planning out the coming year, but also a good time for tidying up. I had really hoped to start clearing out a space for our raised garden, but we decided this was a good time to address our curb appeal before the weeds took over and the snakes woke up.

Over the past few weeks we managed to clear out our two flower beds and picked up any leaves left over from the previous fall. Last thing on our list is our front retaining wall with crape myrtles. Once that’s done we shouldn’t have any¬†excuses for not tackling the backyard.

How is your preparation for spring coming along?

Flower Bed Left.jpg



7 thoughts on “Tidying Up

  1. We have 2 old raised bed boxes that we have not used in years (like there were trees growing them its been so long). We cleaned one out some, and cut back the other. I will let my kids plant flowers in one, and let the other grow on it’s own to see what wild plants will germinate there. Our garden is coming along, and the seeds I started are growing well.


  2. No we will move them into our tilled garden which is significantly bigger than the raised bed. That’s why we use those for flowers to encourage more bees. Also the bees will help keep yellow jackets awa. My husband is allergic to those evil things.


      1. I’m looking into sheeting compost as a way to keep the good dirt we have in good condition. The previous owner of this property grew lots of flowers and she did a great job to make sure the soil here is amazing.

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  3. The spring tidy up looks great! I have to move my orchard, spruce up a parking strip and sort out the planting in front of the house. It’s a busy year already!


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