Spring is Finally Here

Now that things are warming up we have been busy outside hence the lack of posts, but that means plenty of pictures for me to show off.

We first had to clear out a space for our garden and decided to double dig the soil since it’s mostly compacted clay.


And our path to get down to it.

Double Digging


They joys of living primarily on a hill is that the path turns into a slip and slide every time it rains, so we’re looking at ways to resolve that.

Bed Intermediate

We decided to build a 4′ by 12′ (more like 3′ 11″ by 11′ 9″) bed out of cinder blocks because it allows us to plant some beneficial flowers along the edge that will hopefully attract bees and discourage some of the pests.

Bed Weed Cover

We then laid down some brown paper bags that we had as weed cover that should decompose over time. Had to take a little break because of some rain.

Bed Compost

We filled it with about 20 cubic feet of local compost purchased from Lowe’s and marked out square foot spots with some jute twine.


Bed Transplant

We transplanted these seedlings that we had growing inside under a grow light as the first residents of our new garden.

The rest of the seeds have to go in and we have a lot of extra potatoes to do something with.

We hope everyone else’s spring is off to a good start and all of your sprouts are doing well!


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