Veggies Just Add Sun

We’ve found a way to get veggies you just have to add sun (and a bit of water and soil) to ┬áseeds.

So we managed to get the rest of our stuff planted.

Bed Planted

We had so many potatoes that we stuck the rest in burlap sacks so we’ll see whether those work out or not.

Potatoes Masquerade

Potatoes La Ratte

This is the layout we decided on for anyone that’s curious.


Now just have to give them a bit of time to do their thing.


7 thoughts on “Veggies Just Add Sun

    1. Thanks for that! We both enjoy to be somewhat organized, so it was just us implementing that.

      Even though the planning doesn’t seem nearly as exciting, it’s definitely just as important. Also depending on what you’re planting you could start some seedlings indoors.


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