We Get Knocked Down But We Get Up Again

Our garden got hit pretty hard about 2 weeks ago now when the big storm front passed through in the southeast. We had some things covered in the morning when it was raining hard, but we didn’t believe that we were going to see anything in the afternoon because it was so calm.

Then all of a sudden. Dime and nickel sized hail. It only went on for a few minutes, but it was intense enough to bust some of our outdoor lights. When we finally went down to check on our garden, we were worried that we had lost most of what we had already planted.

The Swiss chard and kale were definitely beat up and some of the squash, beans, cucumbers, and peppers were sheared. But because we hadn’t yet thinned out most of those we had enough surviving to continue. Now things are really thriving and growing well.

Potatoes are peeking through. Both in the burlap bags and the bed.

Potatoes Burlap

Potatoes Bed

Carrots are growing well though still small.


Swiss chard are still beat up, but maybe some of them will pull through.

Swiss Chard

Some of the peppers will need to be replanted, but there’s definitely still time in the season for that.


Squash didn’t make it through unscathed but they’re still growing well.


Beans seem to be loving the garden. They’re almost a foot tall at this point and will need to be trellised soon.


Tomatoes haven’t really grown much since we transplanted them, Not sure yet if then need a bit of fertilizer or more sun or what. A little tough to tell with the shade, but the leaves are yellowish. If anyone has any suggestion, feel free to leave a comment.


Even though cucumbers are related to squash you can see there’s a big size difference already.


Kale looks about the same as Swiss chard. A bit beat up and not really growing. You can see a few of the sprouts we planted after our transplants to fill in.


So a few questions we have at this point. Do we get enough daily sunlight with all the tree cover (even though we have cleared some of it out)? Are transplants weaker when starting from seed? And of course did we just pick varieties that don’t grow that well?



8 thoughts on “We Get Knocked Down But We Get Up Again

  1. I like your pictures, there is no way I could plant most of my veggies yet, well maybe….Did it once before a month early and we survived. Have you grown potatoes in burlap before? If so how did you do? I’m a bit worried here having such heavy soil. Think I’ll be making special beds for them.


    1. Hopefully you don’t have to wait too much longer. You could probably start with some salad greens and radish if you enjoy that. This is actually our first time growing potatoes in general so we’re hoping it works out. But there are definitely a lot of different methods though it seemed like burlap was the closest in yield to growing in hills in the ground.

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      1. I’ve seen some of the potatoe barrels but have never tried them. I do have lettuces, broccali and brussel sprouts planted out in the garden now. I did have one od those little 20$ greenhouses up with plants growing. Unfortunately the wind took it and the plants for a ride. Totally destroyed all of them. I wish you luck on the potatoes.


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